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Welcome to SR Creative

Stacey started her business, then named SLS Creative back in 2013 as a Mum of two with a bit of a paper obsession. Starting out with just a scalpel and a cutting mat she produced paper cut artwork, and quickly found there was a market for prints and cards too.

After tentatively delving into the world of printers (and discovering that they were almost ALL ass-holes), she then found herself putting her background in Graphic Design to good use and started producing business stationery. This resulted in the acquisition of several more temperamental printers and some even more temperamental sharp choppy and foldey gadgets (that’s the technical term, ask anyone) and lo and behold, she is now the proud owner of her own printing studio.

These days, Stacey is now a Mum of five, and runs the business with her husband Richy, Design & Packaging assistant Sophie and Web Design Genius Tom, from their beautiful home studio, and is still enjoying producing gorgeous stationery and websites for her wonderful customers.  She still hates printers, but has discovered if you talk nicely to them and offer them biscuits that they tend to cooperate a little more. In 2023 they finally got around to changing the name to SR Creative Studio and look forward to many more years of creating beautiful stationery for their wonderful customers.