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Business Spotlight: Eco-Friendly Gifting

With Plastic Free July around the corner, and some super organised people thinking about Christmas already (not me, I am not organised, never have been, never will be. Christmas for me is a frantic, last minute, baileys-soaked stress-fest and that’s the way I like it, honest) I thought it only seemed fitting to celebrate some of the truly wonderful businesses who have made being eco-friendly a priority. So grab a cuppa and get ready to discover a whole heap of sustainable joy!

When it comes to eco-friendly gifting Thornbush Hill have it all wrapped up. Kirsty and Adam have gone to great lengths to ensure their stunning gift sets are as sustaniable as can be. Their unique packaging is 100% plastic free, making use of wood pulp ribbons, cornstarch peanuts, kraft filler, brewers grain paper stationery and glassine bags. Ooooh it’s all just a bit too exciting (can you tell I have a thing for packaging?)

Obviously, even though their eco-credentials are top notch, the most important bits here are the products. It’s a gift set after all… and my goodness, their items do NOT disappoint. Their wax melts are an absolute dream to use, excellent scent throw and a wide selection to choose from and they also offer a selection of gorgeous subscriptions if you’d like to delight someone (or yourself, we’re not judging!) all year round.

We’d Rather Lather

Sarah hand creates a beautiful selection of gift sets which include shampoo bars, reusable cloths, soaps and more. Her super popular Recovery Run salts are sure to be a hit with any of your more athletic recipients (or even if you just got up too quickly or over-stretched reaching for the wine… which is more likely in my case). Sarah also ensures that she uses 100% plastic free & compostable packaging and even offers a packaging free refill station at her market events!

The We’d Rather Lather range of products are all handmade using 100% natural ingredients using ethical manufacturing methods, so that the lucky folk that use them can rest assured that there’s absolutely zero nastiness there.

Forever Green Blooms

Just because balloons are off the menu (more on why and some ideas for alternatives here) it doesn’t mean your decorations need to be lacking. More often than not, by choosing an eco-friendly alternative, you’re getting something that can be reused again and again. This is especially true of Tina of Forever Green Blooms beautiful preserved flowers.

These gorgeous displays are perfect for centrepieces and are expertly preserved so they can be brought out again and again for any occasion you might have. Tina actually created my stunning wedding bouquet which now takes pride of place in my lounge and looks as perfect now as the day it was carried.

She also offers a range of gorgeous wreaths and gift bouquets, a perfect gift idea that the recipient can cherish for years to come (which is great if like me, you just leave flowers to die in their vase until you can be bothered to toss them in the bin).

Adele Morris Photography

Now, if you’re looking for a gift that truly lasts a lifetime then an excellent option is one of Adele Morris Photography’s beautiful photo shoots. She offers a range of sessions including Newborn, Maternity, Portrait and Seasonal shoots.

Adele has put her heart and soul into ensuring her sessions are as environmentally sustainable as can be!

• 100% of the backdrops used are reusable, with over 80% being hand painted and sourced locally. Adele never uses paper backdrops, due to the high quantity of waste they produce.
• Majority of what Adele uses, can and has been recycled. This includes her packaging.
• She works closely with and promotes businesses who are also eco friendly, such as Green cheeks cloth nappies.
• The majority of her props are vintage (upcylcled or reused) or source most of our props locally.
•   She uses reusable bamboo and natural fibres during all our newborn and family photoshoots.

And that’s just the beginning. By gifting a session with Adele, you truly can feel good about your choice.

Jewellery by Emily

Emily’s beautiful jewellery is handcrafted from recycled silver resulting in truly unique pieces, making for stunning gifts.

As well as ensuring all of her items are shipped in plastic free, environmentally friendly packaging, she also donates a portion of sales from her Rhino and Pangolin pendants to Rhino Revolution who actively work to stop Rhino Poaching in South Africa.

Loga Candle Co

Loga Candle Co specializes in eco-friendly, simply gorgeous, neutral homewares. Maria has gone to great lengths to ensure her trinket dishes, vases, coasters and other gorgeous items all use natural oxides and pigments and are sealed with a 100% plastic free, vegan wax sealer.

She also ensures that her candles are totally plastic free too and each key component can be re-purposed. For instance the hand-made lid is silicone free, so can be reused as a coaster, genius!

Of course, Maria’s packaging is fully biodegradable or recyclable without a bit of plastic in sight.

Thank you for letting me share some of my favourite eco-friendly small businesses with you, and I hope it’s given you some ideas for gorgeous sustainable gifting!