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Free Papercutting Templates for Commercial Use

Free Papercutting Templates Years ago, before I delved into the world of petulant printers and other machinery that likes to compete to be the bane of my existence, I used to Papercut. If you’re here, you probably already know what that means. If you don’t, you probably got lost somewhere along the line while googling biscuits or something. I know the feeling, it happens to me a lot.

Papercutting or Paper-cutting (or even Paper Cutting… I don’t know which is the correct way of writing it) is the process of creating beautiful, delicate works of art from a single sheet of paper, using nothing but a scalpel and cutting mat.

If you’re totally new to the world of Papercutting, then Paper Panda offers a fantastic starter kit, choc-full of templates, and all the gubbins you need to get cracking.

However, if you’ve already sunk your teeth in to the basics and fancy getting some more practice in then this selection of free papercutting templates is for you!

Instructions for using your Free Papercutting Templates

Click on the image of the design you’d like to use. You’ll then be taken to the template page. The artwork is flipped ready for you to print on to your chosen paper, and cut away!

You can do what you like with the finished artwork, you can gift it to a friend or you can sell it. I do ask that you credit SLS Creative as the designer though, and that you don’t use the artwork for merchandise such as mugs, bags, clothing etc. These are just for paper cutting, you know the drill ;)

papercut, twinkle twinkle, starMy Heart is Perfect Paper cut template freeSLS Creative Birthday Paper Cut Template Free
Lets Celebrate Free Paper Cut Template SLS CreativeShe Believed She Could So She Did - Paper Cut template free SLS CreativeThere's no place like home SLS Creative

Keep checking back to this page regularly as I gradually add the full back-catalogue of my free papercutting templates. I’ve got lots to add, and apparently not enough hours in the day!

Enjoy, and do be sure to share your finished cuts with us over on Facebook or Instagram.

Stacey x