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Say farewell to our half price sales…

TLDR; Last half price sale. TiKTok can kiss my old, lazy ass. You’re all wonderful.

Buckle up bitches, this is going to be a long one. I’ve been doing a fair bit of thinking this week. I know, it’s dangerous and I won’t make a habit of it… but my thinking has led me to a few realisations. Ones that impact you, our wonderful customers.

So, grab a cuppa, and maybe an entire packet of biscuits and possibly a pillow, you’re going to want a nap half way through… it’s not that exciting.

Cast your mind back to last spring, where I mentioned I’d be knocking the big sales on the head due to stock price hikes, and dwindling profit margins… do you remember? “But you’ve been doing sales!” I hear you squawk. Yes.

Well, here’s the thing. SLS Creative is the sole income for a family of 7. A family of 7 that includes too many teenagers / pre-teens who eat a quite frankly astonishing amount, shower for too long and between them couldn’t turn a light switch off if they were given an instruction manual, a couple of toddlers who JUST KEEP GROWING, and a handful of animals who need to get their shit together and decide which goddamn food they like and stick to it. But I digress, what I’m trying to say, is this shit pays our rent, our studio rent, feeds everyone, clothes everyone, pays the utilities, fills the van with diesel AND somehow buys wine too.

Honestly, I find myself both awed and baffled at the same time. And it does it well, we’re incredibly lucky. But sometimes, we have a slow month, like everyone, and because there’s no safety net for us, I panic. I’m human, yes. And I panic, a LOT. So when that happens, despite it always being okay, I’ll run a sale, for that quick injection that makes the palpitations go away. Which is stupid really, because it’s a trend that we always actually sell better after a sale, rather than during. I don’t know why, but them’s the way the chips fall.

This week I’ve been doing some mathsing, which I hate, cause it’s not my strong suit… but it’s flagged up some shit that I need to deal with. This time last year prices had risen, this year they’re so high I can barely see their tiny little asses dancing around in the sky. Paper is RIDICULOUS. Stickers are RIDICULOUS. The translucent paper we use for packaging sheets?! It’s like friggin gold dust and we’re paying more and more for it every time we order it.

So, I mentioned yesterday that we’d be running a sale this weekend before we increase some prices. We will be, and that’s the last half price sale that will be happening. It has to be. If I take labour and overheads into account we’re basically paying you guys to have my stationery and as much as we love you, there’s no sense in that. I know lots of you rely on the sales for your packaging though so I didn’t want to stop them without warning entirely.

So after this weekend, that’s going to be it. The other thing is, I’m going to be taking a step back from social media. Not completely, but a bit. The Fiver Fridays and Tenner Tuesdays may make the odd appearance but it won’t be regular, not even monthly.

I had a look at the amount of time I spent this week trying to make social media content, and it was too much. And to be honest, the content was a bit (totally, absolutely) pants because I rushed it. I don’t have time to be making reels and keeping on top of trends. I’m old, I have five children and a business to run. Yesterday I found myself on tiktok filming myself with a spinning wheel above my head which claimed to tell me what I am. Quite frankly that was a low point. I’m okay with not being all over tiktok. I’m not the sort of business owner who is comfortable filming myself talking about my products and taking part in the latest trends. I don’t even use my own Facebook that much these days other than to tag Richy in memes. I’d rather have a glass of wine and watch 90s music channels in my PJs when I’m not working. That’s how I roll.

So yeah, tiktok can get in the bin. So what will we be doing with all of my free time now I’m not being held hostage by creating terrible social media content?

Well, we do have plans. And it’s not all doom and gloom. We’ll be shifting my focus onto my website and Etsy, that’s where 90% of my sales come from anyway, and we’ll also be focusing on building my mailing lists and filling it with free, valuable content for you wonderful lot. We’ll be spending time creating new products, because we currently NEVER have time for that, and we’ll be creating free printable, fonts, editable, super useful content, it’s going to be amazing, and you’re going to love it.

So you’re gonna be seeing less of my face / the back of my head looking at a computer over here, but we promise it’s going to be worth it. Good things are coming, and TiKTok can do one.

We’re totally okay with being ancient, and we’re done with spreading ourselves too thin.

Love you all, a whole big bunch.

Don’t miss your chance on the half price sale this weekend, it really is your last.

Stacey x

(P.S – Richy agrees, wholeheartedly, and also LOVES watching 90s music channels in his PJs with a glass of wine)